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Gas Cylinder Seamless Steel Pipes

Gas Cylinder Seamless Steel Pipes


Taurus Company use Steel grade :GB 18248 37Mn, 34Mn2V, 30CrMo, 35CrMo, 34CrMo4, 30CrMnSiA / JIS G3429STH11, STH12, STH21, STH22, STH31 of steel to produce gas cylinder steel tubes. Basic length of seamless steel pipe for gas cylinder is between 4000 mm to 12000 mm. Iwowwee is also capable to produce steel pipes longer than 12000 mm or shorter than 4000 mm but aren’t quite shorter than 3000 millimeters.

Gas cylinders are widely used in industrial and mining enterprises, fire protection, and medical fields, and are used for storage and release of gaseous media. The gas cylinder tube is a seamless steel tube suitable for the production of gas cylinder type high pressure vessels.

Executive standard

GB 18248 seamless steel pipe for gas cylinders

EN 10216-2 Technical requirements for delivery of seamless steel tubes for pressure – Part 2

JISG3429 high pressure gas container seamless steel pipe

Performance characteristics

1. Product wall thickness is high precision, wall thickness accuracy is comparable to cold processing tube

2. Φ114 caliber can be hot rolled to produce high precision tube with 3~4mm wall thickness interval

Product specification range:

Outer diameter: Φ16mm~Φ219.1mm

wall thickness: 2.0mm~40.0mm.

  • Standards JIS G3429 standard is typically applicable for gas cylinder steel tubing. We can manufacture the following grade of seamless steel pipe for gas cylinder: 37Mn, 34Mn2V, 30CrMo, 35CrMo, STH11, STH12, STH21, STH22, or anything else.
  • Manufacturing TechnologyWe adopt hot rolling (hot expanding) or cold rolling (cold drawing) to produce gas cylinder steel replacements.
  • ApplicationsThis steel tube is mainly appeared to make different associated with gas cylinders, hydraulic cylinders and other high pressure cylinders. Seamless steel pipe for gas cylinder can also be applicable for Gas main Vehicle (NGV) cylinders, Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) trailers, transportation and storage of compressed hydrogen, as well as technical gases, and also scuba diving and fire extinguisher
Manufacturing MethodSize RangeAllowable Outside Diameter Deviation (%)Allowable Wall Thickness Deviation (%)
General ClassHigh Class
Hot Rolling (Hot Expanding)D < 339.7 mm± 1+ 12.5 - 10± 10
D ≥ 339.7 mm+ 15 - 12.5+ 12.5 - 10
Cold Rolling (Cold Drawing)Total± 0.75± 10± 7.5


Manufacturing MethodSize RangeAllowable Outside Diameter Deviation (%)Min. Allowable Wall Thickness Deviation (%)
General ClassHigh Class
Hot Rolling (Hot Expanding)D< 339.7 mm± 1+25 0+22.5 0
D ≥ 339.7 mm+30 0+25 0
Cold Rolling (Cold Drawing)Total± 0.75+22.5 0+15 0


Advantages : good external surface quality, uniform wall thickness, low cost and so on.

·High pressure cylinder tube: The high-pressure gas cylinders produced by Taurus Co., Ltd. provide high-quality hot-rolled thin-walled seamless steel tubes for the manufacture of controlled bottles. The product has the advantages of good internal and external surface quality, uniform wall thickness, light weight, high productivity and high yield, low cost, etc., and is well received by users. The application of the key technology to facilitate the seamless control of the bottom of the bottle bottom makes the manufacture of the gas cylinder tube from the use of the billet to the thin-walled seamless steel pipe, and has become a development trend.

·Accumulator tube: For hydraulic system accumulators, energy storage pressure vessel housings, etc.

·Car atmosphere bottle : For car cylinders.



  • Seamless steel pipe for gas cylinder has good surface quality. There does not visible crack, wrinkling, abscission layer and rolling skin (scarring).
  • Inside of production process, there always exist some surface quality defects, regarding flaw, scar, laceration, rolling burr other people. We possess UNICORN ultrasonic joint inspection machine, automatic ultrasonic testing machine and magnetic flux leakage testing host. They are used for detecting obvious surface defects of gas cylinder steel tubes.
  • Iwowwee also employs professional inspection personnel may detect the unobvious inner and outer surface defects on the seamless steel pipe for gas tank. If find any flaw, they will be sufficient polishing, removal, repair too series of processes in keeping with relevant regulations.
  • Delivery StatusHot-rolled steel tubes are delivered in hot-rolled state while cold-rolled steel pipes are delivered in cold-rolled, normalizing or annealing state.
  • Specifications of Seamless Steel Pipe for Gas Cylinder

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